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Document delivery PCL to TIFF conversion on Client side

Converting PCL data files into Standard TIFF Class-F files.
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The best way to see if JetPCL is right for you , is to download our evaluation kit. The evaluation packages includes; a limited version of JetPCL, instructions, testing files and documentation. Evaluate JetPCL Document Capture Now »
"We were able to satisfy this request with remarkably little effort by using JetPCL Document Capture to emulate a PCL printer on our network..... when we needed technical help implementing this change into our electronic court filing system, Tech Know Systems was able to provide the consulting help we needed, and once a problem was clearly identified, we could move forward with our internal staff. "
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Holly Hanson - Pricipal IT Business Analyst
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Minneapolis, MN, USA

JetPCL® Document Capture : detail

Print Directly to PDF & TIFF
JetPCL Document Capture

JetPCL Document Capture is a desktop print diver, that allows you to print to PDF and TIFF electronic document formats from any Windows application!


JetPCL Document Capture is a Windows print driver designed to be used either as a stand alone single user electronic document capture utility or as a server based automatic electronic document capture tool. It can also be used as an interface into a larger server based application. It captures a printed document from the user and renders it into an Adobe PDF file or into a standard TIFF file. It can be configured to launch a viewer after capturing the document so the user can preview the output. Server configurations can be setup to capture without user interaction and can capture PCL print streams from non-Windows applications or non-standard Windows applications (such as legacy programs). Advanced configurations can be setup to capture print data arriving on an IP port like a network printer or monitor a folder for PCL data files or capture print data arriving over a serial port!

When JetPCL Document Capture is installed, it adds a print driver to the system. Once this is done, the user can print to this printer from any Windows application and JetPCL Document Capture will capture the print job into an electronic document file, such as a PDF file. JetPCL Document Capture works even when the application sends raw PCL data to the printer, unlike many similar products! Depending on how it is configured, it will generate an Adobe Acrobat PDF file or a standard TIFF file at 200, 300, 400 or 600 dpi resolution. By default it is configured to launch a viewer for display when the capture is complete. This can be the default system viewer or a user specified custom viewer. JetPCL Document Capture can be configured to capture to a specific folder and to ask the user for a capture file name or it can generate a capture name automatically using special file mask variables.

JetPCL Document Capture is completely configurable from either the print driver Properties page or by running the JetPCL Configuration Manager utility located on the Start menu.

Once the installation is complete, the simplest test is to run Microsoft Word, or your favorite word processing application, and print to the newly installed JetPCL Document Capture printer. Depending on how JetPCL Document Capture is configured, it may display your captured document in a viewer. Assuming that you installed the Desktop evaluation kit, then by default it will be setup to capture the document to a PDF file and then launch Acrobat for viewing when finished. Or you can change the configuration to capture to a TIFF file. Most Windows systems include a default TIFF viewer.

By default JetPCL Document Capture will require user interaction, it will ask the user for the capture file name. Server configurations do not require user interaction.

Additionally, PCL data files can be sent directly to the JetPCL Document Capture printer and they will be captured as if they were printed from a Windows application. Similarly, legacy applications that print PCL data directly to the print driver in RAW mode will also work with JetPCL Document Capture where other print capture products will fail to work.

For corporate IT programmers or product software developers, advanced JetPCL Document Capture configurations will allow the developer to specify a Pre-Process executable and/or a Post-Process executable that will be called during processing. The Pre-Process is called at the start of the capture and the Post-Process is called afterward. The captured output file is passed to the Post-Process for further workflow processing. Either of these can display a user interface for gathering user information if needed and either may cancel the print job. The Post-Process is expected to take the capture output file for final processing (for example delivery via fax/email or submission into a document management system). Furthermore, JetPCL includes proprietary methods for allowing a front end process to communicate with a back end process by passing information through JetPCL from the front end process to the back end process. If you are an IT programmers or a software developer contact us for integration details.

When installed as part of a developer application, many of the configuration settings can be pre-defined by the developer so that an installation does not require any additional changes by the end user. Similarly, the developer can define which settings can be changed by the user and which ones may not be modified.

JetPCL Document Capture features:

  • JetPCL Document Capture installs/uninstalls and updates very easily on Windows Win32 and X64, Desktop and Server systems.
  • JetPCL Document Capture allows any application to generate electronic documents in PDF or TIFF formats.
  • JetPCL Document Capture server configurations can be setup in an automated or interface mode and includes a developer API. Contact Tech Know Systems for the developer API documentation.
  • Applications that print PCL data directly to the print driver in RAW mode will work with JetPCL Document Capture where other print driver capture products will not.
  • JetPCL Document Capture installations can be customized so they install with only the settings your IT department has decided it needs. This way the end user does not need to make special configuration changes and cannot easily change the installation.
  • JetPCL Document Capture server installations can be setup to automatically capture PCL data arriving over an IP port like a network printer or to monitor a folder for PCL print files or to capture PCL data arriving over a serial port.

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