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IT User embedded routing information

Allowing users to embed information in a PCL file for use in processing later.
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JetPCL Evaluation

The best way to see if JetPCL is right for you , is to download our evaluation kit. The evaluation packages includes; a limited version of JetPCL, instructions, testing files and documentation. Evaluate JetPCL Document Capture Now »
"With the help of TKS, reports generated are getting converted to PDF with all the Asian characters ... the China (Shanghai) and Japan (Tokyo) offices both love this. They are able to reprint vouchers in PDF and email them. Before they had to print, scan and email (because it had to be in the local language)! "
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Michelle Griffiths - Business Process Manager
Havas Worldwide / Euro RSCG
Sydney, Australia

JetPCL® Document Capture : evaluation

Tech Know Systems offers a free demonstration version of JetPCL Document Capture to use for evaluation and testing before purchasing the product. However, currently only the Desktop configuration is available online. Contact Tech Know Systems for a link to one of the Server configurations. Once you have everything working the way you want, you only need to purchase a license, after which we will provide a product activation key.

The JetPCL Document Capture Evaluation is available for Windows Win32 and Windows X64 systems:

The evaluation kit includes a ZIP file that should be uncompressed into a temporary folder. Then simply run the Setup installation program. JetPCL Document Capture will install automatically. (NOTE: Do not try to run the Setup program from within the compressed ZIP file.)

Once the installation is complete, the simplest test would be to run Microsoft Word, or your favorite word processing application, and print to the JetPCL Document Capture printer. The evaluation installation will, by default, be setup to capture the printed document to a PDF file and then launch Acrobat for viewing when finished. However, you can change the configuration to capture to a TIFF file and display the file using the default Windows TIFF viewer. There are many adjustable configuration settings outlined in the documentation (generated from Word using JetPCL Document Capture).

Complete documentation and end user license details will also be installed along with a configuration utility on the Start Menu. Be sure to look at these after installation.

Evaluation Kit Limitations:

  • Demonstration watermarks across each page.
  • Limit of 15 pages for each document capture.
  • Server configuration features are disabled or not adjustable in the Desktop evaluation. Server evaluations are available upon request.

For additional information regarding JetPCL, including licensing, please contact JetPCL Sales at:

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Phone: 406-862-1435
Fax: 650-745-1039
Email: sales@jetpcl.com

Please call or e-mail with any questions.

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