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Converting PCL data files into PCX, DCX or Group3/4 fax files.
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JetPCL Evaluation

The best way to see if JetPCL is right for you , is to download our evaluation kit. The evaluation packages includes; a limited version of JetPCL, instructions, testing files and documentation. Evaluate JetPCL Enterprise Server Now »
"After trying a number of solutions that never fully worked, I found JetPCL from Tech Know Systems. It simply worked right away. No font or graphics problems. Now users send their print jobs to the JetPCL Document Capture printer instead of a physical printer, and the reports now show up in Promium Element data review just like they used to show up on the printer. "
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Jim Raney - IT Manager
PDC Laboratories, Inc.
Peoria, IL, USA

JetPCL® Enterprise Server : purchase

JetPCL Enterprise Server is available to businesses large and small under our JetPCL Enterprise Server License Agreement. This signed agreement allows for the use of JetPCL on multiple servers within your enterprise.

Pricing is based on Feature Set and Server Category, which is determined by the number of server installations and maximum concurrent processes, or the number of capture printers if using JetPCL Document Capture (as described in detail below). Prices range from $1500 to $9500 annually. For small businesses processing low volume, we offer per-page pricing (call for details).

Customers opting for a JetPCL Document Capture or JetPCL Print Redirection server installation will require a license based on the type of configuration they will be using. Call Tech Know Systems for details about the configurations available that will best fit your specific needs and the Feature Set / Server Category that your project requires.

Provided with JetPCL Enterprise Server:

  • Includes all the same developer resources that are included in the JetPCL Software Developer product,
  • Includes all JetPCL maintenance releases during the licensing term. Refer to the Enterprise Server Support Policy page for details.

Exclusions for JetPCL Enterprise Server:

  • Licensee may NOT distribute JetPCL for use outside the licensed company with this product. If you need to do this, refer to the JetPCL Software Developer product.
  • Licensee may NOT use JetPCL to provide a revenue generating service to any third party. If you need to do this, refer to the JetPCL Service Provider product.

Let JetPCL help you, your department, and your company save money by minimizing development time and providing a solid solution, quickly. Tech Know Systems can be helpful with any questions that might arise as to the best practice implementation of JetPCL and the appropriate licensing.

JetPCL Enterprise Server - Feature Sets

JetPCL Enterprise Server is available in these five feature sets.

Includes LaserJet-6 emulation:
(PCL-4, PCL-5E, HP-GL/2 and PCL-6 with PCL-XL);
Output to all file formats:
(PDF, TIFF, DCX, PCX, BMP, PNG, Group 4 Fax, TXT, PCL, PS);
Imaging at 200, 300, 400 and 600 dpi.
Plus Text extraction and PCL file breakup and all features mentioned below.
In the case of JetPCL Document Capture licenses, this feature set will also include capture monitor services, such as: IP port capture, serial port capture or folder monitoring.
Includes LaserJet-5 emulation:
(PCL-4, PCL-5E, HP-GL/2);
Output to file formats:
(PDF, TIFF, DCX, PCX, BMP, Group 4 Fax);
Imaging at 200, 300, 400 and 600 dpi.
This is the most commonly used Feature Set.
Includes LaserJet-5 emulation:
(PCL-4, PCL-5E, HP-GL/2);
Output to 200 dpi Fax output formats:
(TIFF, DCX, Group 3 or 4 Fax).
Ideal for companies that are only doing faxing applications.
Includes the Standard Feature Set
Plus one of the following typeface language packages:
Eastern Europe (Greek and Cyrillic), or
Middle Eastern (Hebrew and Arabic).
Includes the Standard Feature Set
Plus one of the following Asian typeface language packages:
Simplified Chinese, or
Traditional Chinese.

JetPCL Enterprise Server - Pricing Categories

Pricing for JetPCL Enterprise Server is based on the Feature Set desired and the Server Category.

The Server Category is determined by:

  • The number of JetPCL installations that will be needed, AND
  • The number of processes that will run JetPCL simultaneously, OR
    number of capture printers needed (if JetPCL Document Capture)

To determine your Server Category, simply take whichever number is larger, total installations or total concurrent processes (or capture printers). Use this number to find your Server Category below.

Server Category Limitations

  • Category 1 :
    Allows 1 installation with up to 3 concurrent processes
    (or JetPCL Document Capture with 1 capture printer)
  • Category 2 :
    Allows up to 3 installations with a total of 9 concurrent processes
    (or JetPCL Document Capture with 3 capture printers)
  • Category 3 :
    Allows up to 5 installations with a total of 25 concurrent processes
    (or JetPCL Document Capture with 5 capture printers)
  • Category 4 :
    Allows up to 8 installations with a total of 64 concurrent processes
    (or JetPCL Document Capture with 8 capture printers)

Note: Customers wanting to install JetPCL Document Capture on single user desktop PCs should call Tech Know Systems for pricing details.

For Server Category details and examples click here.

JetPCL Enterprise Server - Pricing

Annual license fee for each Feature Set / Server Category :

Eastern *
Asian *
* Language Packages:
   Eastern Europe :    Greek and Cyrillic
   Middle Eastern :    Hebrew and Arabic
   Asian :    Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese

How to Proceed

Start by calling or emailing us if you have any questions. We are happy to talk with you about your project and what product, configuration and pricing works best for your needs.

Next we recommend you download and install the JetPCL evaluation kit to do your testing and integration of JetPCL first. Then you only need to purchase a license to receive an activation key. Support policies for JetPCL Enterprise Server are detailed on the Technical Support Policy page. Contact Tech Know Systems with any questions you have about the product, support or the license agreement.

Payment Options

  • Check (drawn on a US bank)
  • ACH Payment (within the USA)
  • International Bank Transfer to the USA in USD
    (using a BIC/SWIFT bank code)
  • International Bank Transfer to Europe in EUR
    (using an IBAN bank number)
  • Credit Card: American Express, Visa, MasterCard
    (only on some purchases)

We do not offer returns on this product due to the nature of a signed license agreement. We recommend you do your integration and testing with the free evaluation kit and our pre-sales technical support before purchasing a license.

For additional information or to request a license contact JetPCL Sales at:

Contact Form
Phone: +1 406-862-1435
Fax: +1 650-745-1039
Email: sales@jetpcl.com

Please call or e-mail with any questions!

Not sure what Server Category is right for you?

Server Categories are used to gauge the amount of processing that JetPCL will perform. The price for using JetPCL is based on the Server Category but it does not increase linearly. The per-server price for JetPCL goes down as the Server Category increases. For example, the price increase from a Server Category 1 license to a Server Category 2 license is typically only 40% more, not 300% more as you would expect, even though a Category 2 license allows for 3 times as many server installations or 3 times as many concurrent processes (or capture printers)! Likewise a Server Category 3 license is typically only 85% more, not 500% more as you would expect if the pricing was linear.

Each JetPCL installation counts as 1 point toward the Server Category value. If you are installing JetPCL on 1 server within your enterprise then the Server Category is 1. If you are installing JetPCL on 2 or 3 servers then the Server Category you need is Server Category 2.

However, if your application requires more concurrent JetPCL processing, such as a web based service applications or a server handling 100s of users where 10 might be using the service at any given time, a higher Server Category may be required, even if you will only have 1 server installation (or fewer than the category you require would normally allow). Sometimes a higher server category is more desirable (although not required) if many users will be using JetPCL at one time on a single server. JetPCL is designed to wait for processing resources to become available as needed. For example, Server Category 1 allows for up to 3 concurrent processes. If more processes are needed at a given time, JetPCL will not return a fail immediately. It will wait for a while for processing resources to become available before returning a specific error code. At that point the application can try to call JetPCL again or if the problem persists, the customer can request a license amendment to allow for more concurrent processing power.

Regarding geographic locations, if your enterprise will use JetPCL on one server to process for one location and processing can be done sequentially, then Server Category 1 will be fine. If your company will need to install JetPCL on 1 server but processing for multiple enterprise locations (such as the east coast and west cost company locations), then Server Category 2 will be required.

Or if you will be running JetPCL on 4 or 5 servers in different locations throughout your enterprise, then you need a Category 3 license.

If you need to use JetPCL or JetPCL Document Capture on single user desktop PCs within your company we can provide a license for this too. You will still need an Enterprise License but we allow for more desktop installations than server installations. For example, an entry level license will allow for up to 5 single user desktop installations. Call Tech Know Systems for details.

If you still have questions call us so we can help.

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