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Document Mgmt PCL to PDF/TIFF conversion on Client side

Merging PCL data files with existing page images (such as a form).
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"We have been using JetPCL to convert PCL printer streams to TIFF images within our Silhouette, Streamline and ArgoKeys products since 2001. During that time we have found the product and the company to be everything we hoped for and needed for this process."
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Darrell Sligar - Business Analyst, Imaging Solutions
Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.
Monett, MO, USA

How do I change the default JetPCL PCL emulation?

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There are two ways to specify the default PCL emulation settings. Using the -Ipcl switch options (in JetPCL v9.5 and above) and using the –c control file switch (all JetPCL versions).

Using the -Ipcl:option switch. Using the -Ipcl switch options you can modify the most common PCL settings. Some switch setting examples follow:

-Ipcl:NoSkip; - this tuns off the PCL perforation skip feature.
-Ipcl:PageSize=A4; - this defaults the page size to European A4 page.
-Ipcl:Orient=Land; - this defaults the page orientation to Landscape.
-Ipcl:LineEnd=Unix; - this defaults the line endings to UNIX style.
-Ipcl:SymSet=10U; - this defaults the character symbol set to DOS.

There are other settings and values available. Refer to the “JetPCL User Guide” for more detail.

Using the -c control file switch. The other way to change the default PCL emulation is to create your own control file and use the -c switch. JetPCL comes with a few sample control (*.CTL) files. Many do the same things as the settings described above. You can concatenate these files together to create your own combination. A control file contains only PCL escape codes. Refer to the 'JetPCL User Guide' for details.

In using either method, keep in mind that changing the default PCL settings will not override a similar setting found in the PCL file itself. For example, changing the default page size to A4 will work for PCL files that do not contain a page size setting. It will not work if the PCL data contains a PCL selection for a Letter size page.

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