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IT Document Mgmt server PCL to PDF/TIFF conversion

Converting PCL data files into Standard TIFF Class-F files.
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"We have been using JetPCL to convert PCL printer streams to TIFF images within our Silhouette, Streamline and ArgoKeys products since 2001. During that time we have found the product and the company to be everything we hoped for and needed for this process."
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Darrell Sligar - Business Analyst, Imaging Solutions
Jack Henry & Associates, Inc.
Monett, MO, USA

JetPCL® : Powerful PCL Conversion Products

JetPCL Document Capture

Print directly to PDF & TIFF file formats from any Windows App.


Every day, thousands of corporate IT professionals, business to business service providers and software developers, as well as individual end users, just like you rely on JetPCL to keep their integral enterprise data moving. Why? JetPCL provides superior PCL conversion and enhanced features that provide them with the tools necessary to get the job done with precision and easy of integration.

JetPCL's advanced feature set allows JetPCL to perform many different conversion tasks. Here are a few common uses for JetPCL:

Common Uses:

  • Converting PCL files to 200, 300 or 600 dpi TIFF or PDF files.
  • Converting PCL files to PDF files with searchable/selectable text.
  • Converting PCL data to TIFF, DCX, or Group 3 or 4 fax formats for faxing applications.
  • Converting Fax image files or TIFF files into PDF files for easy to view email attachments.
  • Extracting Text from PCL files for indexing in document archives.
  • Breaking up PCL data into separate PCL files for workflow processing.
  • Converting PCL to BMP files for viewing within custom written Windows applications.
  • Converting Fax image files or TIFF documents into printable PCL or Postscript files.
  • Merging multiple document image pages together into a final document image.

Streamline the flow of documents through your enterprise by utilizing the advanced features through command line switches. Click here to view a comparison chart of JetPCL products and features.

Advanced Features

  • The ability to extract text from some types of PCL files and to use this text to generate searchable/selectable PDF files.
  • Support for many HP Printer Control Language (PCL) levels including: PCL-4, PCL-5, PCL-5-Enhanced, HPGL2 or PCL-XL print data.
  • Support for downloaded PCL macros and softfonts that can be pre-loaded into JetPCL like they would be on a printer, in some print environments.
  • Support for all of the most common resident printer scalable typefaces and symbol sets.
  • Support for some Eastern Europe and Middle Eastern symbol sets such as Greek and Cyrillic, or Hebrew and Arabic.
  • Support for double byte Asian typefaces and softfonts such as Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Korean.
  • Features that allow the user to merge an image anywhere on the page using a special user syntax within the PCL data (often used for placing a logo or signature on the page).
  • Features that allow the user to embed fax or document routing information within the PCL data stream.
  • Features that allow the output imaging to be overlaid with a pre-defined image (like printing on pre-printed paper).
  • Features that allow a developer to breakup a PCL stream and then insert barcode or signature images into the PCL stream before printing or further processing.
  • conversion of image files into PCL or Postscript output for printing (for example printing received fax images).
  • translation of one image format into another for archiving (JetPCL will accept many image formats as input).

How does it work?

JetPCL takes an input format (generally PCL) and through its precise emulation of HP's LaserJet PCL language, converts the input into a desired output format (PDF, TIFF, FAX, etc.). JetPCL's powerful PCL and document image conversion features can be accessed through two primary interfaces: a command line driven interface or a Windows DLL API. With JetPCL integrated into any C, C++, C#, Visual Basic, Delphi, Java or Perl code base, or running directly from a script, your application or product can interface with many standard and legacy document systems by their common ability to print to the LaserJet PCL language.

Our JetPCL Desktop product utilizes the Windows DLL format to provide a simple single user interface for PCL file conversions and viewing in a Windows Desktop environment. JetPCL Desktop is perfect individuals who want to be able to convert, view and save document images from PCL based applications. JetPCL Batch Process is an add-on product for Enterprise Server that enables IT departments to add batch processing capabilities. It can be set up to automatically monitor a folder and convert PCL files it finds before passing the output along to a secondary process as part of an automated system.

What Can JetPCL do for you?

JetPCL products can be useful in the realization of the paperless office by connecting your document processing applications through PCL [Printer Command Language].

JetPCL's ability to convert between document images and PCL allows documents to be instantly converted into images that can then be viewed, transported (fax or email), published (as part of a web application) or archived in a document management system. Many of our customers utilize JetPCL to develop high use in-house fax/email document delivery and archiving solutions which process thousands of documents each day. JetPCL can also translate image file formats into other image file formats or into PCL or Postscript for printing. For example, JetPCL can be used to convert a received fax in TIFF format into a PCL or Postscript file ready for sending directly to a LaserJet printer without the need of a print driver.

Which JetPCL product is right for you?

The JetPCL product line offers five primary products, each with different feature sets and a variety of licensing options. Generally, product and licensing choices will depend on the environment in which JetPCL will be used.

  • If you are an IT department integrating PCL conversion into an enterprise wide system then the JetPCL Enterprise Server product is for you.
  • If you are a business to business service provider integrating PCL conversion into a system that will be processing documents that originate from your clients, then JetPCL Service Provider is for you.
  • If you are a software developer and need to incorporate PCL conversion into your product for distribution, then you need the JetPCL Software Developer.
  • If you're in need of single user PCL conversion in the Windows Desktop environment, then JetPCL Desktop is for you.
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